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Ode To Women’s Friendships

One of the interesting things about women is their friendships.  I’m not talking about the lady you talk to in the kindergarten pick-up your kid line, I’m talking about the girls, your peeps, your unrelated sisters.  I have several of these women in my life and I swear, as God is my witness, I don’t think I could make it through without them.

We are there for each other no matter what.  When we are sick, when our kids, or parents or husbands are sick, we help each other, even if it’s only a hug and a shoulder to cry on.  When our we or our kids or husbands or parents screw up, same.  We are support during weddings, funerals, graduations from whatever,  divorces, breakups, makeups, fat, skinny, holidays, haircuts and insults.  The list goes on and on.

We eat together, drink together, laugh and cry and get hysterical together.  We can listen to the worst story imaginable and if it was DONE to one of us, we sympathize, if one of us DOES it to someone else, we accept and don’t judge.  We make fun of our boobs, butts, hair choices, clothing choices and jobs.  We go to each other’s stupid pyramid sales parties and buy baskets, make-up, candles, food, cookware and purses so our girls can get free stuff.  We buy fund-raiser crap from each other’s kids.  Twenty dollar pretzels anyone?

Why am I pondering this you ask?  Because this woman bonding begins early and stays late.  I see my daughter and her really close friends doing a teenage version of what me and MY friends do.  If one of them is sick, they text each other to make sure the missing one is ok.  Boy trouble?  Look out for the friends.  Heartbreak?  They come together and take each other’s minds off of it.  If one has a BF, the rest of them try to draw him into the crowd.  If an outside aquaintance messes with one of them, they circle the wagons around the hurt one and the claws come out.  When outfits or movies or music or books or extracurricular activities come up, they do them together.  If a grandparent dies, or a family breaks up, or a parent loses a job, they grieve together, they pay for each other by turns when they go somewhere, they share their food.  When one of them is successful, they rejoice together, they are proud of one another and they are not afraid to say it.  They eat, drink, laugh, cry, and get hysterical together.  They couldn’t make it through high school without each other.  They love one another and it is wonderful to see.

On the older end of the spectrum, I watch my mother-in-law and her friends.  They are red hat ladies together.  They all quilt and do crafts together over the computer across thousands of American miles.  They get together once a year for their “retreat.”  Retreat in case you didn’t know it, is code word for big-ass, week-long party.  They go site seeing, and shopping, and crafting together.  They eat, drink, laugh, cry and get hysterical together.  They support one another through weddings, funerals, grown kid problems, and grandkid problems.  They rejoice when one of them does well, they grieve when one of them loses.  They couldn’t make it through the golden years without each other.  They love one another and it is wonderful to see.

So, to all my girls out there and you know who you are, I love you, I couldn’t make it through life without you and it’s good to know you are there.  And by the way?  This is not an exclusive club, there’s always room for more.

Be kind peeps 🙂

I Know Why Women Talk More Than Men

A few years ago, I read an article  by some crusty old college professor type dudes, that said women talk something like three or four times as much as men.  That’s just bullcrap, I remember thinking to myself.  I am a substitute teacher and a wife and mother of a boy and let me tell you something, the boys talk and gossip more than the girls.  When I am teaching it is usually the boys who get in trouble for talking.  Just recently, I had a third grade boy come up to me when I was subbing and tell me all about his love life and how one girl keeps trying to get him to “go out” with her when she KNOWS he already has a girlfriend.  Needless to say, I gave him the mom/teacher combo speech about how he is too young for all that junk and he needed to just go back and sit down and stop thinking about girls so much.  It went on and on, but you get the gist.

So anyway, back to women talking more than men.  It started to hit home with me a while ago, but over the last weekend, it hit home with a ton of lead, exactly WHY women talk so much.  It’s because we have to repeat EVERYTHING we say, especially to the men in our lives.  Both the big men and the little ones.  I was sitting in my living room trying to avoid the 52 inches of Sponge Bob that was blaring in the family room, when my son walked through and I asked him if he had finished his homework.  “What?”  I repeated myself.  “WHAT?”  I repeated myself again.  “Oh, yeah, I got it done a long time ago.”  Then, when I was in the kitchen, which is PART OF MY FAMILY ROOM AREA, I said to the same small boy, “Go wash your hands, dinner is almost ready.”  “What?”  I repeated myself.  “WHAT?”  “GO WASH YOUR HANDS IF YOU WANT FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  “gee mom, you don’t have to yell…”  It’s a good thing he’s cute and does funny things.

This went on ALL WEEKEND.  For everything.  It could be an order I’ve given, a request I’ve made, a compliment I’ve doled out, permission to go play outside, an announcement that I have won the Powerball and everyone is now going to go to school online and we are going to buy an RV and travel the world with it like The Wild Thornberries, and I will have to repeat myself.  Usually more than once.  By the time I went to bed on Sunday night, I was exhausted.  I didn’t do more physically than I usually do, I hadn’t solved any quantum physics problems that would’ve worn me out mentally, all I did was repeat myself.  Over and over and over.  I don’t have to repeat myself as much with my daughter, and as time goes by, less and less often with my husband, but the little boy is going to kill me.  Or drive me crazy.  Or cause me to take a vow of silence.  HA, let them function for more than a few hours if I do THAT!

SO, the next time some MAN (and lets face it, it’s usually a man) says that women talk too much, look at him and say “What?”  Make him repeat it a few times, then just shrug and grunt and walk away.  It will totally freak him out and it will be funny.  Try it.

Be kind to each other peeps 🙂