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Abandoned Apple Farm Part Two

Since I posted my first entry featuring pictures from Fagley’s Apple Farm a while back, I’ve received a number of requests for more pictures from that day.  Since I’m still recovering from a particularly nasty case of bronchitis, I have some extra time and thought today would be a good day to make this post.

Just the front window.
Grape Arbor out front.
More orphaned books.  I don’t remember them having so many books, but I was pretty little when Mom took us there.
The place was just full of stuff that they just walked out and left behind.
I just like this.  I do remember their products being sold from these baskets.
This photo was taken from the side of the store and shows the old house that goes with the property.  It also looks completely abandoned and allowed to begin to decay. The windows seem to be gone.  It’s open to the weather.
This bottle was sitting on the mantle in the store.  Sorry it’s a little blurry.  I like it anyway.
I have no idea what these are from, but I thought they looked cool.
This is what I like to call a Walking Dead photo.
Fall colors
Immediately behind where I am standing to take this photo, is the highway.  It wasn’t this close in the past.  Where the sign is, giant mounds of glowing orange pumpkins used to lay in autumnal glory.  Also, to the right of the corner of the building, were giant mounds of pumpkins, and there were long tables filled with gourds under the arbor. It was beautiful.
This is another Walking Dead scene.  I can just picture zombie arms coming through those slats.  It was a seriously gloomy fall day until right before I left, and my imagination was running wild.

I hope you enjoy these photos.  When I left here, I went over to Eastfork Lake and took some pictures over there.  You can find what I’ve posted so far in First Photo Post: Old Bethel Methodist Church.  Click on photography in the word cloud on the page and scroll down til you find it.  Also, follow me on Facebook.  Just search for Message Discipline is Required.

Have a great day! Hold fast, SPRING is coming.  Be kind to one another.  🙂


Faces of the Audubon Zoo : Part One

New Orleans is the home of my soul.  Seriously, I think I lived there in another life.  On my latest trip, I finally made it to the zoo.  I have very mixed emotions about zoos.  I love the conservation work they do, but caged animals, even when they are in lovely habitats make me sad.  Nevertheless, I went, I enjoyed, I saw some beautiful animals.

Bored bear
Bored bear.
The leopard was asleep until he heard my camera noise.
This leopard was asleep until he heard my camera noise.
Fantastic face 🙂
So handsome
So handsome.
I told him he was handsome, and he smiled at me.
I told him he was handsome, and he smiled at me.
Orangutan hanging in a hammock.
Orangutan hanging in a hammock.
Ahhhh, that feels good...
Ahhhh, that feels good…
I love giraffes.
I love giraffes.

I hope you enjoyed my mammal faces edition.  Birds and reptiles will be next.

Have a wonderful day and be kind. 🙂

Nighttime Michigan Avenue

Although I live in the suburbs, and honestly, would live in the forest if I had the chance, there are a couple of big cities that I love. New York and Chicago being two of them. I recently got to spend a long weekend in Chicago, and the first night there, we went out for a walk on Michigan Ave. I was having trouble with my flash, so in some places where I needed it, it didn’t work, so a couple of things came out a little blurry; in other places, I didn’t want the flash, so I was happy that it didn’t work and I got some cool pics of motion, and some pretty pics of the nighttime lights. I hope you like these.


I have no idea why there is a painted horse on the sidewalk, but I thought it was pretty. Actually looking at it again, maybe it’s decoupage…


I was trying to get a photo of the shops and the lights, but this bus drove through my shot and I thought it wound up looking cool.


I liked the color of the leaves.


I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving filled with food, friends, and family; or maybe you’re more the understated holiday type and you wanted and got a quiet time by yourself or with those who are the closest to you; whichever, I hope it was great. Don’t go get trampled in stores for “stuff” today, stay home and look at pretty photos or eat leftovers, or put up your decorations for the next holiday you celebrate, or read a book, watch a movie, take a nap, hug a dog, kiss a baby, help someone or just veg out in front of the t.v. We’ll be starting on the Christmas tree. Don’t do anything stupid and be kind to someone, we all need it! 🙂

Mission at San Juan Capistrano

When I was a little girl, California was a kind of promised land for my mother. She always wanted to move there, and we went on vacation there a number of times growing up. I came to love it back in the day, but part of the problem travelling with my dad, was that he never wanted to pay for anything. I think he figured once he paid for Disneyland, he was tapped out. We drove past lots of cool places, but it wasn’t until my husband and I started travelling, that I actually got to go into most of the places I’d seen, but never really seen. Does that make sense?

This is one of my favorite places.

The Mission at San Juan Capistrano.
The Mission at San Juan Capistrano.

The Mission was established on November 1, 1776 by Fray Junipero Serra. It is the only Mission in Orange County, and it is beautiful.

This reminds me of Hotel California by the Eagles.
This reminds me of Hotel California by the Eagles.
The ruins of the original Mission, destroyed in an earthquake.  It reminds me of something from Greece or Italy.  Very beautiful.
The ruins of the original Mission, destroyed in an earthquake. It reminds me of something from Greece or Italy. Very beautiful.

I can almost picture monks or friars moving down this walkway.


And finally, as a person who was a kid when the Hotel California album by the Eagles came out, the next photo brings that 70’s icon to life for me. The Mission Bells.


If you ever get to southern California, I highly recommend a side trip to the Mission. It is beautiful and peaceful, and I have a billion more photos of the joint that I’ll get around to posting sometime. If you are freezing or buried in snow today, I hope the beautiful California sunshine you see here helps a little. Have a beautiful day and for God’s sake, be kind to somebody. 🙂

Flowers and Butterflies

Beautiful orchid
Beautiful orchid

The Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati Ohio has a Butterfly Show each spring. After a long, cold, snowy Midwestern winter, everyone around here is ready for some greenery and color. In fact, more than the cold, the dreary browns and grays of late winter, after the snow is gone, but before it gets warm, is the thing that does the biggest number on my psyche. I love the Butterfly Show. The crowd stinks, but the warm air and life inside that giant green house is good for my soul.

Bonsai roots
Bonsai roots
Indoor waterfall.
Indoor waterfall.

These butterflies are iridescent blue when they are opened up and relaxed. Unfortunately, the butterfly show is over run with little kids who are apparently there without parents. They try to grab the butterflies and swat at them sometimes and it’s hard to get them still on something, I’d be satisfied with ANY butterfly sitting still. This beauty was way up high on the side of a tree, I captured him with my zoom.

Trying in vain to get a picture of one of these guys opened up and relaxed.
Trying in vain to get a picture of this guy opened up and relaxed.

Got one!
Got one!
Easter Lilies everywhere!
Easter Lilies everywhere!

I love the Easter Lilies. The place smells so sweet.

The Krohn is beautiful all year long, but the Christmas season and spring are my favorite times. I’ll add some Christmas pics when the season gets closer. Enjoy your day! 🙂

First Photo Post: Old Bethel Methodist Church

One of the new things I want to do here, is add photos. I take lots and lots of pictures, and consider myself an evolving amateur photographer. I’ve finally gotten a nice camera, and using it is quickly becoming a passion of mine. I don’t own Photoshop, and I haven’t started an Instagram yet, so any and all photos I will post here, are whatever showed up in my camera. Someday, I might get fancy and get one of those editing programs, or use Instagram, which my daughter tells me, comes equipped with filters or something; but if and when I DO get fancy, I’ll let you know that the photos have been altered in some way. For now, they are au naturel. I hope you like them. 🙂

Old Bethel Methodist Church.
Old Bethel Methodist Church.

This is a great old building. The park is centered around a man-made lake, created in the 1970’s. From what I was told, the valley was just flooded by the Corps of Engineers, and a number of houses are still at the bottom of the lake. I went to elementary school with a girl who told me her grandmother’s home was taken by the corps for the lake. She was given money of course, but she had to move, and none of the houses were destroyed before the water came. I imagine if the stories I’ve been told are true, it would be incredibly creepy to be able to go down there and see what’s left. This little church and it’s cemetery, probably served many of the inhabitants of the flooded community.

Gettin' artsy...
Gettin’ artsy…
View from the cemetery side.  The stones are really, really, old.
View from the cemetery side. The stones are really, really, old.
Steeple. Remember that old kid game you did with your fingers... here's the church, here's the steeple, open it up and see all the people... Idk, maybe it's mainly a Midwest thing.
Remember that game you did with your fingers when you were a kid… here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open it up and see all the people… Idk, maybe it’s a Midwest thing.

I hope you all enjoyed my first foray into posting photos. Have a great day and please be kind to one another 🙂