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Cat Races

So apparently, my ten-year old son turned into a bookie this morning.  He decided to launch the first annual Mother’s Day Cat Races at our house.  We have three cats, he assigned himself, my daughter and my husband a cat to “train,” collected bets, which he wrote down on some kind of weird paper, and gave me the job of standing in the kitchen and shaking the cat food to get them to run.  For some strange reason, we all cooperated, and it was hilarious.


Bella, is a small, delicate little tortoise-shell kitty.  She is kind of hyper and loves my husband with a strange, obsessive intensity.  So Hubs was her trainer.


Blue is a huge, fat Garfield of a cat.  He is a gray and white tuxedo mutt who flops down at random intervals when hauling all that chub around gets to be too much.  The Girl was assigned this bundle of endless energy.

Tigger, the sink dweller

 Tigger is the latest rescuee who we found in a glass case at Petsmart.  He is orange and supposedly a Maine Coon, which based on his size (big, but not fat like SOME people) and luxurious hair seems to be accurate.  He is a momma’s boy, and is marginally afraid of my son who made himself Tigger’s trainer.

Since Tigger will run down the main hall of our house, but then makes a sharp right and hides behind the couch when he hits the family room, the edge of the family room was the finish line.  Monkey Boy downloaded a megaphone app on his iPad and made a big long announcement on it and a ready, set, go 3-2-1 thing and they were off.  As soon as I heard him say go, I started pouring food into their bowls.  Tigger, who wanted nothing more than to get away from my son, took off at warp speed, Blue who is always interested in food was hot on his heels and Bella, who is in love with Hubs, ran because she was initially startled and then turned back to look for her Daddy.  In the end, it was Tigger by a length and a duck behind the couch due to the horror of being held for a while by Monkey Boy and Blue of course, was the first one to the kitchen and the promise of delicious kitty kibble.

I came to several conclusions during this fantastic, new, annual Mother’s Day event.  First, my son is even more clever than I thought he was.  First, he chose the cat that is afraid of him and will do whatever is necessary to get away, figuring out that said cat would also be the fastest due to fear.  Second, my son also has a brilliant future as a business man or maybe a politician or organized crime boss due to his ability to scheme, take bets and generally get people to participate in things they don’t really feel like doing, but in the end they enjoy on some level.  Third, fear, or food, gets things done faster than love because the one in love with her trainer had no desire to leave him, only turn and gaze at him with adoration.

Now that the first annual races are done, I think we should expand and invite in other cats and trainers next year.  We could charge an entry fee and take a percentage of the bets for the house.  Awwww SNAP!!  Maybe Monkey Boy doesn’t have to be a crime boss all by himself!!  Is there such thing as The Godmother?  I can put my fingertips together and mutter “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse,” just as well as Don Vito Corleone did.  Yessss, I can see it now, a Cat Race empire…

Happy Mother’s Day friends, be kind to one another 🙂

The Lead Up Day To Mother’s Day Has Been FANTASTIC, LOL…

We have three cars.  Don’t get jealous, they are all old to oldish.  Two of them are ours, one of them is my mom’s.  My mother can’t safely drive anymore, so her car lives at my house so she won’t sneak out in the night and kill someone with it.  Before we liberated it, she ran over a lot of curbs, so it has lots of loose stuff underneath.  We’ve had about five oil leaks fixed, and numerous other things tightened from her curb jumping.  She is also apparently a fan of breaking off knobs, thus resulting in difficulty popping the hood and turning on the lights properly.  The transmission is now slipping which I’m sure will result in a ginormous repair bill, but we have to get through the rest of the school year to summer before I can send it away, so Lucas Oil tranny stuff is the plan.

The other two cars that are ours, are in better-ish shape.  My car, has pretty high miles on it, but it is in great shape.  I love it.  Old dependable.  Thank you Jesus.  My husband’s car, or the “airport car” as it is better known, is a little more tired than mine.  It has been overheating, so last night, the hubs went to Advance Auto Parts and bought a new water pump and thermostat.

Where this gets vaguely interesting is when you find out that my poor hubs HATES working on cars.  My father, God rest his soul, taught him all about how to do it though and I know this, so work on them whenever possible is the thing.  I mean why pay 400$ to get that water pump and thermo replaced when the parts cost him 44 bucks at Advance?  I mean really?

So the day has been a car maintenance workfest.  He replaced the water pump and thermo ( I had to help get the new belt back on because I have this weird mechanical, physical-world mind, while my poor hubs is a computer nerd who can only picture things in his head that don’t actually exist.  Go figure.)  I felt guilty about him working so much, so I took mom’s car to the oil change place we use and got the tranny serviced and the radiator flushed and the fuel system cleaned and then I came home and got MY car and took it back and did all the same stuff plus oil change.  It took about two hours total.  I feel like a dude.  I even have some flavor of black crap under my nails from helping hubs get the snake belt back in his car.  NOT.  HAPPY.  I AM happy though that we saved all that money because the hubs did all that work.

What does this have to do with Mother’s Day you ask?  Usually, my lovely fam spoils me and does stuff for me the entire WEEKEND.  This year, hubs was out-of-town all last week and hasn’t been able to take the kids shopping.  They are worried.  I’m not.  It’s ok.  They’ll take care of it at some point, we’ll spend time together and I’ll be happy.  They’ll be happy, it will all be good.

I’m just grateful for my two beautiful children and I’m grateful to have a hubs who loves me enough to do something he hates because it makes me happy to save money.  As soon as he’s done, I’m gonna take him to Sonic for a burger.  I think we are getting old, cause it doesn’t take very much to make either one of us happy.  WOW, now that I think about it, I’ll bet they are going to take me out for a bagel in the morning!!  YAY!! Makes all that car crap worth it 😉

Have a wonderful evening and a Happy Mother’s Day!  Be kind to one another 🙂