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I Married The Easter Bunny Part IV

The next three and a half months were miserable.  It quickly became apparent to everyone except AH, that B was going out with him for no other reason than to hurt yours truly.

They would come to the mall and walk up and down across the center court from the info booth holding hands and laughing and kissing.  I did my best to ignore it, but I watched every move from under my bangs.  Apparently, my lack of a reaction spurred her to greater action.  Suddenly, they started frequenting the jewelry store right next to my desk.  She would try on engagement rings and hold her arm up as high as it would stretch and squeal with extremely loud delight at the sparkle as she wiggled her fingers.  He just stood there like a big dope while she preened and shot not so subtle side glances in my direction.

Their next stop was the art store just across from me, where she would point out paintings high up on the walls and gesticulate wildly while apparently explaining where said mall artwork would hang in their future home.  Again, he stood by, smiling once in a while, but not really reacting.  I think he was finally catching on because I noticed him starting to look my way.  He was twenty-five years old for God’s sake, it took him long enough…

A couple of my mall friends, bless their shoe selling hearts, started trying to help.  They knew who the two of them were, so my handsome shoe-boy friends started appearing out of nowhere to flirt and laugh and touch my arm whenever they saw the AH and his B show up.  What those two didn’t know was that one of them was married and the other one was gay.  They were just trying to help, and not long after the boys began to intervene, the hurtful mall visits came to an abrupt end.

Since AH must have realized that they were being bullies and refused to come to the mall anymore, they suddenly began showing up very publicly around town.  I’d see them at the gas station, she’d look up and see me in my car and be overcome with a fit of uncontrollable passion and literally LEAP into his arms and start kissing him.  It was nauseating and I was moving past hurt to pissed off.  Then one day, I saw her in her ex-boyfriend’s car outside the bank kissing HIM passionately.  Then I saw her driving his car.  Then I saw her with the AH again.  I realized I was no longer hurt OR angry, I had become indifferent.  I no longer cared.  If he was that stupid, I didn’t want him anyway.  I just hoped that when the idiot finally realized he’d been used, that he’d have a painful moment or two over the stupid mistake he’d made.

Another thing I realized was that I no longer cared about boys.  I was finished.  I realized that at some point, I would date, but I would NEVER allow anyone to get that close to me again.  It had been my experience that they always disappointed you.  They either waited too long to do what they said they would do, or they got overly possessive and jealous and cut you off from everyone but them or they lied and cheated and were stupid.  I decided that from that moment forward, it would be my way or the highway and the highway would be an easy choice  because I was never getting emotionally attached to a male ever again.

About halfway through March, I began to find out how wrong I was about that.


I Married The Easter Bunny Part II

I didn’t talk to AH the night I saw another woman driving his truck.  It was back in the pre-cell phone days and he had to call my house or work and vice versa.  By the time I got home from hanging out with my friends, it was late and he knew better than to call my house that late.  My mother told me he’d called and what he’d said about the woman being a friend with a broken down car and I had no reason to not believe the story.  I was already getting over it and letting go of what I assumed was some form of cheating by the time I went to bed.

The next day was Saturday and I had to work again from 12-9.  My career at the time was as the information booth receptionist at the local mall.  I loved the job.  I could do my homework there, wear cute outfits and see my friends.  I rented strollers and gave directions and answered the phone.  It was totally fun and totally easy.  That afternoon, AH showed up at the mall with flowers and explained and told me he hoped I wasn’t mad at him.  Of course I wasn’t mad, I thought it was actually an example of his good nature that he would help a friend.  He came back at nine, took me to dinner and all was right with the world again.  A few days later he told me he loved me.

The next weekend, a friend of mine was having a Halloween party.  I was helping her with it and was very excited.  My mother made the AH a long Dracula cape to wear and I dressed up like a saucy witch.  We looked good and had a good time.  About eleven o’clock however, he told me he was not feeling well and thought he needed to go home and go to bed.  My lie detector was undeveloped in those days and I thought nothing of it.  He took me home, I cleaned off my make-up and went to bed.  I was happy and content.  I’d had a good time with my older handsome boyfriend and I felt good.  I called him the next day to see how he was feeling and he said not much better and told me he needed to stay home and rest.  I wanted to see him, but didn’t really mind because I had papers to write and I really needed to stay home as well.

The next few weeks were strange.  Where previously we had spent all of our spare time together, suddenly, he had to work, or help his dad or brother with something.  He had taken me out to the country to meet his grandmother a few times and suddenly he had to go do all kinds of things for her.   He suddenly had a number of job interviews at schools that took a while to get to.   I was busy with school and work and although I missed seeing him as much, we still went out once or twice a week, so I didn’t think too much about it.  The Saturday before Thanksgiving,  AH invited me to his house to have lunch with his parents and then go to a movie.  When I got there, his parents were not at home and he was working on his truck.  He said he was having trouble with it and he had the hood up and all the necessary tools laying around.  He said that he wasn’t going to have time to go to the movies, we could still do lunch, but we’d have to go out.  We went to lunch, I dropped him back off at his house and I went home.

We talked very briefly over the next couple of days.  My parents and I were going out for Thanksgiving that year.  It was just the three of us by then and holidays were kind of lonely and sad and we were trying new things.  The plan was for me to go to dinner with them and then go to the AH’s house for dessert with his family.  I was looking forward to it, but by then, even my naive self knew something was wrong.  I didn’t know what it was though.  I thought that maybe I was too young for him.  He was looking for his first post college job and I was a 19 year old kid.  He was staying with his parents until he found the job, but he had lived on his own far from home for years.  He’d had a life.  He owned stuff.  I still slept with my stuffed dog.  I was way out of my league and I truly thought that was the problem.  Hot and glamorous I may have been, but I was still just a girl.

It was the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving when an old and trusted friend called me and simultaneously broke my heart and saved me.

I Married The Easter Bunny Part I

I have one of those husbands that make women go awwwwwhhhh and make other men go crazy.  We had our 25th wedding anniversary in January and he still does wonderful things for me.  I’ve had several people say they’d like to hear the story about how we met, so I’m going to start that story here, and it requires a prelude.

Many, many years ago, I was a hot, glamorous college girl.  I had my own car, long legs and long blonde hair.  I had had a fairly steady stream of male companionship since about seventh grade because, well re-read the last sentence.  I was a big fan of boys.  They were way more fun than most girls because they just kind of live life and don’t worry about what other people think.  I’ve always had guy friends, much to the chagrin of the boyfriends, but I didn’t really care whether they liked it or not.  I had been in a two year relationship with a boy my own age which fell apart largely due to maternal pressure on my side.  Being young and inexperienced, I completely flubbed that breakup because I didn’t know how to explain what was wrong.  Instead of telling him the truth, I allowed the breakup to be blamed on the next boyfriend, which wasn’t entirely accurate.

The next boyfriend, lets call him AH (and yes that stands for something that I’m sure is not too hard to figure out, especially as the story unfolds) was older than me.  I was 19, he was 25 and had just graduated from college.  He was really tall, which to me at 5’8″ was an important quality.  He worked part-time while he was looking for a teaching job, so he was available.  He drove a motorcycle.  The most important thing about him in my idiotic 19 year old brain was his looks.  He was well, not hard to look at.  He was handsome.  He was a runner, so he was always in shape.  He was always tan.  He wore snow white wife beaters (which for some reason didn’t look tacky, they just looked good and I swear, I think he wore a new one each time because they were always so WHITE) tucked into his jeans which were always crisp and really dark blue.  He wore mirrored aviators.  It was summer.

He took me to outdoor concerts and on long rides waaay out in the country on his bike.  We’d stop at some little crappy place to eat and then ride some more.  We would sit by the lake and look at the stars and listen to music and talk.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  He took me to stupid little VFW dances where a friend of his was playing in the band.  He took me to the fair.  All that country bumpkin kind of stuff that I had decided I didn’t want to do anymore, but suddenly loved again.  It was halcyon days for sure.  Then fall came and everything began to change.

I commuted to college.  I didn’t want to leave home.  I was very immature in a LOT of ways and was in no way ready to fly away from the nest.  When school started up again, I had less time for long bike rides and picnics at the lake.  Then the weather started to get cold and we couldn’t do that kind of stuff anymore and he decided to buy a truck and put the bike in the garage.  One day, I got home from school early and as I was driving through town, I saw someone else driving his truck.  A female someone else that I had never seen.  Little did I know that a friend of HIS saw ME see HER driving his truck and told him.  Needless to say, I was pissed.  I went to work that night and then went to a club with my friends.  I hadn’t talked to him and didn’t really want to, maybe ever again.  While I was gone, he called my house and talked to my mom.  I had already told her what I had seen and told her that if he called, she could tell him I was at work, but she was not to tell him I was going out after.  If he asked, she was to say she didn’t know, and God bless her she did what I asked.  When he called, he told her what was going on and that the woman was a friend of his whose car had broken down and that he let her borrow his truck to go pick up her daughter and said that he was going to let me stew for a while.  Mom told him that that was probably NOT a good idea.  She knew that I had very low tolerance for BS.  What she didn’t know was that I was incredibly stupid.