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2012 Bring It ON!!

It’s New Year’s Eve, a time of reflection on the past while looking toward the future.  2011 was an interesting year to say the least.  The country is not faring too well, the world gets scarier by the day and now, every minute of every day is filled with election crap.  I’m already sick of it and we have eleven more months of it.  My city has had over six feet of rain this year which comes on the heels of several years of drought.  Fortunately, the rain came steadily over the year instead of all at once, or I’d be writing this from a boat.  It is warm so far this winter.  “They” predicted a double La Nina which supposedly meant 35 plus inches of snow for us this winter, so far we’ve had something like 2/10 of an inch.  We’ll see.

On the home front, things have been less controversial than the rest of the world.  My husband and I are working hard every day.  My daughter survived color guard camp, marching band camp, and marching band season.  Going to all the band events was fun for all of us and we miss it.  My son had his tonsils out and is now an A/B student and very seldom sick.  Removing chronically strep infected tonsils will tend to do that for a person.  We got a new cat.  We kept all of our friends and have not lost any more family.  We got to travel to California to visit my husband’s grandmother and we went to Disneyland while we were there.  I got to see my sister-in-law for the first time in about thirty years and began mending relationships gone wrong.  It’s been a good year.

My dreams for 2012 are simple.  I wish everyone to remain healthy.  I wish for us to be able to continue doing jobs that we enjoy.  I wish for my children to continue on the paths they are on, they are doing a good job of growing up.  I wish to have more time to read and write and work on art projects, in fact, I think that’s my resolution this year.  I wish safety and security and good health for everyone that I love.  I wish for my country to survive and thrive.  I wish for all the bad guys in the world to mind their own business at least and to go away for good at ideal best.  I wish we’d drill for oil so we can tell some of the same bad guys alluded to above to go suck it.  I wish for my husband or myself to win the lottery.  One of the super big ones.  I wish for world peace, not a world in pieces.

Tonight while we all celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, think about those you’ve lost, lessons you’ve learned and hopes you have for the future and remember to keep moving forward.

Happy New Year friends 🙂

Is It The End of The World As We Know It?

Well, in a couple of days it’ll be 2012 and that (other than the fact that saying 20 in front of the dates instead of 19, still, after eleven years of it, sounds weird to me) is really no big hoop dee do.  ANOTHER end of the world prediction seems to be the only big excitement we can expect.  Elections, disasters, wars, not my idea of excitement.  End of the world prophecy?  Could be exciting.

All year long we are going to be hearing about people who are battening down the hatches.  Survivalists are going to come out of the woodwork.  Here’s my thought.  If there is going to be a truly apocalyptic event, extra canned goods aren’t going to help.  There will be people gathering in “spiritual” places like Sedona to await the 21st.  Didn’t they see /Independence Day/ when everyone went to wait for the aliens with signs and stuff and the aliens proceeded to blast them?  You NEVER get together in large groups with others when you are trying to avoid annihilation.  Even my Dad who fought in Korea knew that and refused to sleep in the actual camp with everyone because he feared attack.  In fact, he slept in trees like some giant, scary, armed leopard while he was there and obviously he survived.

So, what do I think will happen on December 21, 2012?  I think it might snow.  I think the Mayan calendar ends because they didn’t have time to make another one before they “went away.”  My calendar ends in about two days and I don’t have another one yet, does that mean the world will end at midnight on Saturday?  Probably not.  Am I looking forward to 2012 so I can watch everyone freak out again like they did in 1999 when they thought the world would end or at least be irreparably damaged when it became the year 2000?  Yep.  I can’t wait.  So let your freak flags fly people.  It’ll give me a lot to write about.

Have a HAPPY Day!!  🙂