My name is Holly.  I’m a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, band mom, former substitute teacher, blogger, photographer, and writer.  I have lots of things percolating in my head and this blog, my own little corner of the world that I think I’ll call Hollytopia, is a great place for me to get some of that out.

My kids are the main focus of my life and our family travels a lot.  I was brought up by old-school parents, so lots of my views are old-school, even though I myself am not old.  Yet.  I find a lot of modern life irritating and kind of time wasting, so I have lots of stories about trying to live a less complicated life in a very complicated world.  Most of them are kind of funny, some of them are pathetic and some of them are kind of sad, but all of them are at least marginally entertaining.  I also like to take pictures, so most of my stories will have illustrations.

I like to read a LOT, I also like to write and share conversations with all kinds of people.  I try to be positive, but it’s not always easy.  I have lots of different interests and opinions and I’d like to use this blog to get some of them out there.  Hopefully, you’ll see something of yourself in some of my stories, because when you get right down to it, we’re all more alike than different and we all have to share the same space.  I hope you’ll check back often, because I’m sure that the site will change and morph as I change and morph.  Hopefully, I’ll not morph into anything frightening 🙂

Come on along with me while I try to be myself and survive in this weirdo place we call the world!!

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