Why Do I Feel the Need to Decorate My House Like a Ski Lodge?


Hi Everybody!  I know, I know, it’s been a while.  Still dealing with my mom and her house and bankrupting her to the nursing home.  BUT, it’s Christmas now and I’ve decided that I need to get back to doing some of the stuff I enjoy and writing stuff on this blog is one of them, so here I am.

I really like Christmas.  I don’t have the same love for Christmas as I do for that wildly pagan Halloween, but I really like Christmas.  I enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.  I like setting up my nativity scene under my tree and my mother’s antique one from Germany on a high shelf out of the reach of cats and dogs and visiting children.  I like going to all the local Christmas events and remembering my childhood.  I like watching the Cincinnati Ballet perform the /Nutcracker/.  I HAVE to watch /Elf/ and /The Santa Claus/ at least once per season.  I like going to church and hearing Christmas Carols.  Not Christmas songs, but the real, religious ones that they play at church.  I like the food.  I like remembering Jesus and teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas, summed up best I think by Linus in the /Charlie Brown Christmas/ special, watch the scene here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKk9rv2hUfA.

But the thing that I DO best? Decorate.  I love Christmas lights.  I like ornaments.  I like Santas.  I like pointsettias and quilted wall hangings.  I like Christmas trees.  So much in fact, that I have a nine foot tall one in my family room that I’ve had for two years that is finally, at long last big enough for my life-long collection of ornaments, and I’ve started my kids on the same path with 6′ trees in their rooms.  I also have a small one in my dining room. 

I also love the look of ski lodges.  I like big soaring ceilings and big soaring stone fireplaces and big soaring windows overlooking big soaring mountains covered with big soaring snow falls.  Unfortunately, I don’t live in Colorado or Montana.  I live in Ohio, so I have to make due.  Two walls of my family room are covered in really dark brown, rough, barn wood that was here when we moved in.  I didn’t like it for years, but I have recently realized that it adds to my Christmas decor.  I have a floor to ceiling surround on my fireplace and a hearth that can be sat on like a little bench.  Sadly, it’s brick and not stone, but hey, I work with what I have.

I am a red and green Christmas girl.  I like some of the other combos, but I’m a traditionalist and plus, red and green are warm and cozy and help me pretend I’m in a ski lodge somewhere else.  So the nine foot tree is on one side of the fireplace, greenery and Santas and a pretty sparkly, lit-up angel are on the mantel.  There is a poinsettia the size of a bush to the left of the fireplace with a quilted wall hanging of a Christmas tree made by my mother-in-law (done in reds and greens) hung above it.  With a fire in the fireplace and the curtains pulled shut, I feel like I’m in Christmas land and that when I look outside, it’ll be cloudy and very, very snowy.

In reality, it is 50 degrees outside and we might have to mow the grass again because apparently, we no longer have winter in southwestern Ohio.  But when I close us up in the house and watch old DVD’s of Bing Crosby Christmas specials or run across Rod Stewart’s new special on PBS, it feels like a different time.  It feels like a time when gas was 60 cents a gallon.  When my Mom and Dad where both young and alive and healthy.  When my brother was a little kid with me and alive in the next room.  When my Mammaw was coming with a big bag of presents.  When the world was a little more innocent and a little less scary.  When, if you sat quietly on Christmas Eve, you could feel the stillness and importance of the night.  When I heard Santa’s sleigh bells ring right outside my window just as I was going to sleep.  When all Christmas lights were giant colorful globes that burned your fingers if you touched them.  When people regularly said Merry Christmas to one another.  I guess that’s why I decorate my house like a ski lodge.  For a few weeks every year, I can revel in the beauty of the holiday and what it means.  I can spend lots of time with my kids before they grow up and go on their way.  I hope they decorate their houses like ski lodges and think of me happily some day.

Merry Christmas everybody.  Be kind to one another. 🙂


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