Why Does The Health Food Store Smell So Bad?

I am a fan of the health food store.  We take some supplements to help avoid things like heart disease etc and we enjoy organic products wherever our budget will allow, which considering a small organic watermelon is seven dollars, is not a lot.  We tend to make sure we have organic milk and beef, mainly so our kids are exposed to fewer hormones etc.  This is my disclaimer for the rest of what I have to say…

Last weekend, my husband and I went to what we lovingly refer to as Wild Goats.  It is a play on the name of the store, before the name was changed to something that rhymes with Pole-Dudes.  There is ALWAYS an interesting smell in Wild Goats, and to us and our kids it is unpleasant.  It smells like a combination of rotting vegetation and creepy hippy perfume, but normally, we just go “Sheesh” and move on with our shopping.  This time?  That rotting veg/hippy perfume smell was so bad I almost gagged.  I have two children, three cats, two dogs and three chinchillas.  I have been puked on, pooped on, and snotted on.  I have cleaned litter boxes, hair balls, and rodent cages.  My gag reflex is pretty well under control, but I actually had to put my hand over my nose and mouth until I got used to the stench.  My poor husband, who would rather eat ground glass than clean up barf, turned an interesting shade of green swirled with gray.  It was gross.

The funny thing was, no one else seemed to mind.  Sure, I saw lots of glazed over eyes and vacant expressions, but you know, that happens.  We walked as quickly as possible to the vitamin side of the store, got what we needed and headed toward the checkouts.  My hubs said, “Wait!  Don’t you need some milk and stuff?  We can just grab it here instead of making another stop.”  My reply, “Do you remember the time we left Don Pablos before being seated because we could smell the bathroom in the lobby?  There is no way I am buying ANY kind of food in here because of that smell.  It’s bad enough we are buying our vitamins and stuff here, but fortunately, they were packaged elsewhere.  I think I’m gonna spray the bottles with Lysol when we get home.”  Oops, that kind of blows the whole “organic, good for you” thing right out of the water.  “Oh, yeah, you’re right.”  We paid our $79.00 for four bottles of stuff and went to Kroger.

I suppose my point is, that just because something or someplace is touted as being good for you, doesn’t mean that it is.  It also means that something or someplace that normally IS good for you and just happens to smell like death one day, will not necessarily be bad forever, but next time you go into Wild Goats because you think that everything in there is good for you, make sure you don’t have a cold, take a deep wiff through your nose, and if the rotting veg and hippy smell is worse than usual, be on guard, cause something is rotten in Denmark. (that’s just a saying, don’t get upset because I implied Denmark has an odor)

Have a great night and be kind to one another 🙂

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