Pinterest – The Only Thing Keeping Me From Formally Becoming a Hoarder

So, Pinterest, for those of you who don’t know, is a virtual cork board, or scrapbook, if that’s more your style.  You get someone to invite you, then you create themed “boards” and “pin” stuff to them.  Recipes, cute babies, cute dogs, horses, owls, windows and doors, yard stuff, books, Johnny Depp, clothes, light fixtures, dresses, wedding stuff, hair styles, vintage posters, flowers, houses.  The list is endless and could go on and on and on.  A friend of mine got me started (thanks Jen) and I now have close to 1700 pins.  I am in virtual possession of numerous houses and beautiful things to go in them, outfits I’d wear if I lived someplace warm and Johnny Depp, Aerosmith and Toby Keith.  My verdict of this addictive habit??  IT’S TOTALLY WICKED!! (to quote the little kid who lives next door to the Incredibles)

A bunch of my friends are on there now too.  One of them, I won’t mention your name Brenda, has something like 50,000 pins.  She makes me feel inadequate.  I thought I was doing good with my 1700, but alas, I am slacking.  My daughter is also jonesing on Pinterest.  She pins on her computer.  She pins on her iPod.  One of my daughters from another mother is also a big Pinner.  I’m starting to think that we may need Dr. Drew to start a new addiction show for Pinteresters that get carried away.  A recent developement is that cute teenage boys are on Pinterest.  Oh to be young again.  You can send subtle, virtual messages to people you are crushing on, if you pin the right stuff, if you really think about it.

I have a problem with “collecting” so Pinterest is saving me a fortune as well as preventing me from filling up my house with all this newly discovered, quite awesome stuff.  I did make one of the recipes I found on there.  Lemon yogurt cake.  It’s a lovely dense lemon coffee cake that you drizzle confectioners sugar/milk icing on.  It was really good.  I want to try some more recipes, but I am too busy Pinning things to cook.  I am listening to Micheal Buble as I write this and I realize that I have not Pinned him.  Johnny, Aerosmith, and Toby, need a new and classy friend.  Gotta go…

Be kind to one another peeps 🙂

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