I Married The Easter Bunny Part I

I have one of those husbands that make women go awwwwwhhhh and make other men go crazy.  We had our 25th wedding anniversary in January and he still does wonderful things for me.  I’ve had several people say they’d like to hear the story about how we met, so I’m going to start that story here, and it requires a prelude.

Many, many years ago, I was a hot, glamorous college girl.  I had my own car, long legs and long blonde hair.  I had had a fairly steady stream of male companionship since about seventh grade because, well re-read the last sentence.  I was a big fan of boys.  They were way more fun than most girls because they just kind of live life and don’t worry about what other people think.  I’ve always had guy friends, much to the chagrin of the boyfriends, but I didn’t really care whether they liked it or not.  I had been in a two year relationship with a boy my own age which fell apart largely due to maternal pressure on my side.  Being young and inexperienced, I completely flubbed that breakup because I didn’t know how to explain what was wrong.  Instead of telling him the truth, I allowed the breakup to be blamed on the next boyfriend, which wasn’t entirely accurate.

The next boyfriend, lets call him AH (and yes that stands for something that I’m sure is not too hard to figure out, especially as the story unfolds) was older than me.  I was 19, he was 25 and had just graduated from college.  He was really tall, which to me at 5’8″ was an important quality.  He worked part-time while he was looking for a teaching job, so he was available.  He drove a motorcycle.  The most important thing about him in my idiotic 19 year old brain was his looks.  He was well, not hard to look at.  He was handsome.  He was a runner, so he was always in shape.  He was always tan.  He wore snow white wife beaters (which for some reason didn’t look tacky, they just looked good and I swear, I think he wore a new one each time because they were always so WHITE) tucked into his jeans which were always crisp and really dark blue.  He wore mirrored aviators.  It was summer.

He took me to outdoor concerts and on long rides waaay out in the country on his bike.  We’d stop at some little crappy place to eat and then ride some more.  We would sit by the lake and look at the stars and listen to music and talk.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  He took me to stupid little VFW dances where a friend of his was playing in the band.  He took me to the fair.  All that country bumpkin kind of stuff that I had decided I didn’t want to do anymore, but suddenly loved again.  It was halcyon days for sure.  Then fall came and everything began to change.

I commuted to college.  I didn’t want to leave home.  I was very immature in a LOT of ways and was in no way ready to fly away from the nest.  When school started up again, I had less time for long bike rides and picnics at the lake.  Then the weather started to get cold and we couldn’t do that kind of stuff anymore and he decided to buy a truck and put the bike in the garage.  One day, I got home from school early and as I was driving through town, I saw someone else driving his truck.  A female someone else that I had never seen.  Little did I know that a friend of HIS saw ME see HER driving his truck and told him.  Needless to say, I was pissed.  I went to work that night and then went to a club with my friends.  I hadn’t talked to him and didn’t really want to, maybe ever again.  While I was gone, he called my house and talked to my mom.  I had already told her what I had seen and told her that if he called, she could tell him I was at work, but she was not to tell him I was going out after.  If he asked, she was to say she didn’t know, and God bless her she did what I asked.  When he called, he told her what was going on and that the woman was a friend of his whose car had broken down and that he let her borrow his truck to go pick up her daughter and said that he was going to let me stew for a while.  Mom told him that that was probably NOT a good idea.  She knew that I had very low tolerance for BS.  What she didn’t know was that I was incredibly stupid.

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