I Still Like Paper

I am about to write the most controversial blog entry EVER!  I still like paper.  I prefer paper bags (they make great barf bags when lined with a tall kitchen garbage bag), I prefer actual books, I prefer actual address books and I like scrapbooks that you can hold in your hand and flip through along with actual pictures that you have to store in a box.

I am a serious bookworm.  People come in my front door, look at the bookshelves lining my entry hall and murmur in admiration (ok, it’s probably disgust, but I prefer to think they are admiring my giant brain) “WOW that’s a lot of books.”  To which I proudly respond, “And that’s not all of them, I just don’t have enough shelf space.”  I am on the verge of demanding a move to an old Victorian mansion with a library just so I can get out all of my books, and then sit by the fire on windy, rainy nights in my wing chair with my brandy.  Ok, I don’t really drink much either, but to say I’d have a giant glass of coke, which if you’ve read earlier posts you’d know I have an “issue” with, makes it all less dramatic.  Anyway you get my point.

I also enjoy printing photos.  When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to sit with my mother’s giant box of family pictures and study people who were long gone by the time I was born.  There is something less viscerally satisfying about clicking through pics on the computer.  My kids also enjoy sitting with a stack of pics or a stack of scrapbooks and reliving things they remember.

The address book is another one of my “things.”  When your “smart” phone, or computer or Ipad craps out with your Christmas card list on it, and I whip out my handwritten, paper address book and get everything done while you are still trying to “restore” what you lost, I ask the question, “who’s smart now?”

I have to say that I do have a computer. I have a NOOK because I realized after a very tiring trip to Hawaii, that travelling on a plane with five hard-back books is not a good idea.  I have an Ipod which I’m pretty sure is my favorite possession, and I want an Ipad.  I am not technologically ignorant or unable to function in the modern world.  What I am, is harder to influence with marketing.  I don’t want to spend my life with my eyes glued to a screen.  I want to open a book and feel the paper, and hear the swish as I turn a page.  When the electricity goes out and I have forgotten to charge my device, I can light a candle and read my paper book.  I want to hold pictures in my hands and remember the people and events depicted in them.  When my computer crashes, I’ll be less sad, because I’ll have physical copies.

So friends, embrace the paper.  It is made from a natural, renewable source and is easy to recycle, so don’t bore me, I mean regale me with environmental issues.  It makes a satisfying crinkly noise and when left unopened for a while, a book issues a lovely musty (ok, it’s probably mold, I know…) smell when you crack it open.  Perhaps most importantly, last, but certainly not least, if you don’t like cleaning buckets or trash cans or carpets when someone has the upper end version of a stomach virus, a nice stiff, brown paper Kroger bag makes a fantastic, disposable barf bag.

Have a happy day!!  🙂

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