Lucky Bastards Abound

Well, it’s been quite a week.  Spent last night catching up with one of my oldest friends.  My son turned ten, my daughter turned fifteen and we saw Cars 2 and Monte Carlo on their respective birthdays.  Cars was cute, but I’m really sick of message, aka,  brainwashing movies for kids; Monte Carlo made me want to go to Europe.  My phone modem went out and I couldn’t find it and of course my technical support, my husband, is in Austin Texas.  Trying to introduce a new rescued cat into the family and Lordy that takes FOREVER.  It’s hot, humid and sunny, basically, the weather is behaving like summer.  I’m more of an autumn girl.  Warmish days, cool nights, bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds, interspersed with gray rainy days that make the fall leaves well, fall.  Let’s see, what else, we had the Fourth of July, love that, and Casey Anthony got off.  And that I guess, is where this is going.

I didn’t watch the whole trial.  Bits and pieces only.  I got burned out on OJ years ago and still have not recovered.  I don’t know every bit of evidence that was presented.  I DO know though that the jury is instructed by the judge on how to proceed.  They are told what they are to consider and how they are to consider it.  They have rules called laws that they have to follow.  I think Casey Anthony is as guilty as sin.  I think she is maybe a little bit mentally disturbed and I think she wanted to be free.  I think she killed that baby and disposed of her like she was a dead family pet.  THAT being said however, if the prosecution was unable to prove its case, she walks.  The defense in a criminal trial has to prove NOTHING.  The burden is on the prosecution.  Although some days I wonder about my next sentence, this is still the United States of America and you are innocent until PROVEN guilty.  It seems to me to be very difficult to prove anything when all of your evidence is circumstantial.  THAT being said however, go talk to Vincent Doan, a man here in Ohio who was convicted and given a life sentence in the murder of his girlfriend a number of years ago.  A girlfriend who disappeared, whose body was never found and whose case was largely circumstantial.  Honestly, we don’t even know if she’s really dead.  What’s gonna happen if she shows up in ten or fifteen or fifty years and says “HERE I AM!!”  What about the guy in prison?  What will be said to him?  Probably something like “oops, sorry dude.”

The only thing the defense has to do is provide some reasonable doubt.  By throwing in everything but the kitchen sink, that is exactly what Casey’s lawyer did.  He muddled and confused and obfuscated the issues to the point where to say there was certainty was impossible.  The seemingly bumbling lawyer did his job and apparently, the prosecutor did not.

This is not over for Casey.  Sure, she’s already been offered a job in a porno and I’m sure there will be a book and a movie.  All the money she makes will go to the lawyers and anyone who sues her in a civil action.  She WILL end up like her fellow lucky bastard OJ Simpson, and end up in trouble and perhaps in prison somewhere down the line and will reap what she has sown.  Is what happened fair?  It doesn’t seem to be, but if I’m ever accused of something I didn’t do or did do for that matter, I sure hope the prosecution still has to PROVE my guilt.  Sometimes, monsters go free.  More often than not however, justice is served, the laws are adhered to and criminals get their just desserts.  It may not come today, it may not come tomorrow or even in this lifetime, but if Casey Anthony killed that little girl, and I think she did, she will be made to answer for her actions.  God will take care of it ultimately.  In the meantime, lets not buy her book, or watch her movies, or give her anymore attention.  Boycott any and all things to do with making Casey Anthony any money.  Obscurity is where she belongs.  Isolation should be her fate. 

Rest in Peace little Caylee.

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